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Heavy Duty Commercial Door Wedge Minnesota 2-Pack Bases II – $13.00 Floor Mount Bumper Doorstopper – $14.99 Telescoping Magnetic Handle – $9.99 Nylon Belt & Handle Carry Case – $18.99 4-Pack Bases II – $23.99 Wall Mount Door Holder – $17.99 Maintenance Man Doorstopper – $17.99 Metal Handle Holder (Red) – $19.00 12-Pack Bases II – $75.00 Commercial Wall Mount Door […] Continue reading →

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Duffs Residential Commercial Heavy Duty Doorstoppers Twin Cities MN After years of back strains from reaching down to prop open doors, Robert Duff tried using his cleaning carts to do it — only to pay some $5,000 in door-repair charges from cart scratches. A common task in his more than 20 years of janitorial work had become burdensome. He knew there had to be […] Continue reading →


Heavy Duty Commercial Door Stoppers Minnesota Some of the benefits of the Duff Doorstopper Benefits for Cleaning Services Show your employees the company is safety conscious. Improve cleaning efficiency. No bending over. Prevents damage to office doors. Conveniently fits most cleaning carts. Much safer to use than a hinge or wedge type door stop. Benefits for Hotels Standardize the way doors are propped open. […] Continue reading →